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Sunday, November 11, 2007

I am a Pagan Conservative

Sunday, November 11, 2007
Most pagans I have met think that this title is a contradiction in terms since they are liberal themselves. But it is my opinion that the root values of conservatism, values that have been lost in the partisan bickering, are inherently pagan. Freedom to be who you choose, freedom to become who you choose, freedom from taxes, freedom from a repressive government that tells me what and how to believe. What is more pagan than these freedoms? I also believe that true conservatism is about self-governship and self-responsibility, both of which are beliefs of many (if not all) pagans.

I try my best to teach these values to my children. I teach them that no one can make them happy or sad but themselves; unless they cede that power to them. I show them that they have the power to succeed in anything they do regardless of the obstacles. That they can become or do anything that they wish to in their lives. I tell them of the greatness of America and of the constitution.

While most pagans believe that war is evil and unnecessary; I believe that war sometimes is necessary. British statesman Edmund Burke said it most eloquently; "Evil flourishes when good men do nothing". If the pacifists sit by while those that wish them dead run rampant, then they will die. As much as people want to deny it, this world that we live in is still governed by the use of aggressive force. But we must not live in fear rather we must accept responsibility for ourselves and for our actions and face the aggressors unabashedly.

The biggest turnoff, in my opinion, of many pagans from the conservative movement is the religious right. The religious right served its purpose in bringing conservatism to the forefront of America. But now all it does is alienate the non-Christian conservatives and keep many liberals from switching camps. Yet at the same time they have many things to offer to non-pagans and pagans alike.

As I have grown in the Craft I have drawn closer to the original message of Christianity; Love. And I also tout the morals and ethics of the early Christians. Now most pagans don't like the idea of ethics beyond the rede of harm none but ethics are a necessary thing.

In my coven the phrase that we teach is;

May we learn to live in love and light
So that we may have strength and truth
And that we may receive power and blessings

This means that we should to love first ourselves and then let that love spread to all around you. This will bring light and happiness to your life and to your family. That love will give you strength to live in truthfully. In other words to not lie, to not harm and to do good; showing kindness to all. This will bring you power, power to do good, to influence people for the better. And the power to bring blessings first to your life and to the lives of your friends and family.

I believe that more people believed in these things. To sum up, these things are; Freedom, self-responsibility, love, and truth, bound all by the rede of harm none. So remember this on Veterans Day, the religious right does not necessarily have to be christian. May the Goddess and God bless all of our soldiers, both to those currently serving and to those that have served, and to those that have died.

Blessed Be!

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