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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Is Santa Claus bad for Children

Thursday, November 29, 2007

My children believe in Santa and I see nothing wrong with it. Now does this mean that they cannot tell the difference between reality and fantasy? I don't see it. My children are well rounded and for the most part complete.
There are articles out there that talk about the fact that if parents say that Santa Claus is real they are lying to their children. And lying is bad, right? Yet I argue that telling children the whole truth about many things is detrimental to them. As much as we wish to deny it the world is a dark and evil place. Now I don't advocate lying to children but allowing them a common fantasy that most of their peers will share cannot be bad; in fact I believe that it would be wrong to make them the only kids in school to say that Santa is make-believe.
Now some of you may say that Santa is too Christian, but I will disagree with that. Santa Claus, or Old Kris Kringle, is in fact very very Pagan. He has elfs and he practices magic. He is too jolly for most Christians, reminds me of a Scottish Highlander who lives for good Scotch. Here is a good song by Emerald Rose about the fact that Santa Claus is Pagan too! Link
So in my honest opinion, Pagans of the world need to unite and reclaim Santa as a incarnation of the Holly King, buy the Woodland Santa's so popular now, put a star on the tree and sing Yule carols. Exchange gifts and say Happy Yule in response to Merry Christmas. Be pagan and be proud.

Blessed Be!

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