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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My Daughter's first altar

Tuesday, November 27, 2007
With Lassair only being three it is not an elaborate one but it is a start. We have a old miniature mirrored vanity that we got for free. On this vanity there is a statue of the Goddess on there surrounded by various crystals.
It has been cleansed, blessed and consecrated but right now this altar will be unused except as an introduction to the Craft. When she gets a little older and learns some patience then we will teach her the basics of circle etiquette, and rules of ritual.
I have tried often to create a checklist to determine when a child is circle-ready; and what I have drawn together is as follows:

Awareness of the Self
Ability to follow simple instructions

Awareness of the Self will most probably come first. It did for both of my daughters. And then probably will come the ability to follow simple instructions. Both of my daughters learned this from having a list of chores to complete. Chores also help to teach self-responsibility.
Patience. That elusive quality that allows one to sit in silence for five to ten minutes without fidgeting. So elusive in fact that there are adults among us that do not know how to have patience. I have found it beneficial in my house to turn off the TV and radio and find activities that don't require constant stimulus.
Not that my children are the most patient children but they are better behaved than most other children I have met. In other words I can take them out to eat and to other quiet places without worry about being thrown out.
But even when your child shows these admirable qualities, I still recommend that you start slow. Introduce them to one thing at a time. I plan on starting with just bringing her into circle for the small, short rituals.
Only later moving on to more elaborate ritual but in the meantime I will content myself to just celebrating the Sabbats with her through traditions.

Blessed Be!

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