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Sunday, November 25, 2007


Sunday, November 25, 2007
Now that another "Black Friday" has come and gone, the issue of the over-commercialization of America has risen again. Our children are more worried about 'buy me, buy me' than they are about being grateful for what they already have. This fact is mostly an extension and one of the various incarnations of the entitlement mentality that has been bred into our society since the 1930's.
Our society has forgotten the true meaning of the holidays, all of them. We have forgotten about the importance of family and kinship. Subsequently our societal structure is collapsing around us. Our homes and marriages are breaking in record numbers.
Yet the other reason for all of this is the lack of spirituality in our culture. In our rush from the oppressiveness of the past we have run clear to the other side of the spectrum, forgoing all religion and spirituality. Without faith in something, anything, there really is no moral compass. Not to say that atheists can't be moral. For oftentimes it is not atheists, but rather those who profess to be religious that lack morals and spirituality.
This problem is not a specific problem of anyone faith, it affects them all, from Pagan to Christian and so on. Too many people say they are Pagan or Christian or whatever, but they have a only a belief rather than a faith in their God and religion.
This lack of faith falls squarely on the shoulders of the parents of this generation and those past. And it is up to us, to change this. It matters not what you have faith in as long as you have faith in something. Faith is what carries us through the tough times without it we run the risk of foundering. Is this not then one of the greatest lessons that we can teach our children?
Yet it is not just about the faith that you hold, you must be able to have a faith that can compromise and be compatible with the faith of your partner. I realized the hard way that two incompatible faiths, or even one faith that is incompatible with any other but its own, leads to conflict and the same result as no faith, a broken home and a divorce.
But if you can find a partner with a common faith and raise your children in that faith then you have the taken the first few and tentative steps towards improving the world. For although most of us do not have the power to change the world at large, we do have the power to change ourselves and our family and then through that change the our immediate world.

Blessed Be!

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