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Monday, November 26, 2007

Teaching my child the Sabbats

Monday, November 26, 2007
Me and my wife, Danielle have decided to try to teach my youngest daughter, Lassair, the story of the Sabbats. Below is a picture of her altar and the drawing of The Wheel of the Year that Danielle drew for her.

At the top is a picture of a Yule tree and then, continuing clockwise, a candle, an Ostara Egg, a maypole, a sun, ear of corn, then a autumn leaf, and finally a pumpkin.
Then Danielle hands me the picture and tells me to explain it to the kid. So I start with Yule the birthday of the God and move on to Imbolc which is about him as a young child. Then comes Ostara, celebration of his mother and future wife, Eostre, Goddess of Spring. Beltaine is when the Goddess becomes pregnant. And Litha is the day of the Goddess and God's marriage. Lughnassadgh is about the Death of the God and the birth of the new God, the one of the dark half of the year. Mabon is next and is the time of the Pagan thanksgiving when we give thanks for all the Goddess gives us. Samhain is about family and when we miss the Goddess, who has gone to the Underworld to fetch our God so that he can be born at Yule.
Now this story was accompanied by fidgeting, a lot of fidgeting. But she enjoyed the story and has said so multiple times, also repeating small parts of it over and over and over.
Now this is just a beginning and hopefully a guide for you to teach your children the mystery and wonder of the Sabbats.
Throughout the next year I will go over these Sabbats again with her, in greater detail. Through stories and song, though I can't sing worth a lick, and various activities. Some of these things will have a historical basis and can be traced back to other families in history, and some will be brand new, inventions of my own mind and possibly the minds of others.

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