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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Decorations and Symbols of Yule -- Part Two - Crafty Edition

Thursday, December 8, 2011

There are many decorations for Yule, that you as a family can make. Take a nature walk with your kids and collect pine cones. We buy spray paint, the colors do not matter too much, but I would stay away from oranges and pinks. Reds, greens and silver and gold are all great colors for Yule.
Take gold foil paper and cut out sun and star symbols to use as ornaments and for decorations in the rest of your house.
Another great addition to your holiday planning is the wreath. There are different kinds of wreaths that you can make. Here is a link to one kind:
You can also use a grapevine wreath and decorate it for the holidays with either real or fake greenery and other symbols of the holiday. In fact this is a great addition to your house, because as one holiday goes you can then remove the decorations and replace them for the next holiday.
You can also make a pagan version of the Advent wreath. Traditionally the wreath is made of evergreens with four candles set within, and its rituals begins four weeks before Christmas. A candle is lit each Sunday and burns throughout the week to welcome the "light of the world." On the fourth Sunday, all four candles burn together in welcome. Although it is a little late to begin this year, next year you could make one of these and light the first candle four weeks before Yule, adding one candle each seven days. Leave the candles lit over night to battle the growing dark.
I will leave you with this link to a tutorial on making a wonderful 3d snowflake.

Blessed Be!

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