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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Twas the Night of the Solstice and Ritual Ideas

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

by Suncat of Hearthfire, with apologies to Clement Moore

Twas the night of the Solstice, the party was done
Soon we would gather to call back the Sun
The season of Winter was half the way through
We called for the Mother to birth Him anew

The children were quiet or now fast asleep
The elders drew near, the solstice to keep
All were prepared and the circle was raised
In peace and in silence as deep as a cave

The Priestess then lifted the sword upon high
The Priest made the ancient call to the sky
So ancient. that cry that asks for rebirth
As Mother and Sun Child are called to the Earth

Then what to our wondering eyes did appear?
The Lord and the Lady our folk all revere
"What is your need that you call us this night?"
"Bring us," we chorused, "the Child of Light."

"Lady, Who art the season of birth
"Come to us, bless us, dear Mother Earth."
"We here you," She answered, "and so it shall be
"As Solstice is here, I return Him to thee."

"But remember your promise and cherish your land
"For He gives both the seed and death by His hand."
The silence was total, the Priestess bowed low
The priest gave salute, asking, "What do we owe?"

"You owe Us your laughter," He said, "and you your love
"And in all your magicks, respect for Her Grove
"Rape not Her body, nor pillage Her soil
"Labor with love and give free of your toil

"And follow the seasons of Moon and of Sun
"Do so with love and We always will come
"To comfort and guide you, to bring you rebirth
"So give of your love and your land, Mother Earth."

So saying, They faded, we wondering looked on
The Solstice rite done with morning birdsong
The message They gave was of love, not of pain
That the land that we cherish be fruitful again

The circle was ended, the peace yet abides
Through cycles of seasons and love we'll not hide.
Her children who met Them that night in the grove'
Still cherish the land and their message of love.

Happy Solstice to all!

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