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Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Wednesday, January 30, 2008
I was surprised when I looked up the definition of this word on google. Three simple words; courtesy towards women. This, I think, defines my movement and my philosophy.
I am struggling to raise pagan children and while I don't have a son, two daughters, I understand that there is a lack of pagan male role models for boys. Our culture doesn't help us either. Our sports stars, for the most part, are crooked and dirty. The same can be said for almost anyone else you could think of.
But the image of the knight appears around us all the time. Whether it is Zorro or Skywalker or Bathman. The ideal of the courtly warrior who devotes his life to excellence, justice, and right action seems to seize almost all boys right in the gut. The flaming desire to become your best self, and to test that best while creating greater good for all, becomes an unsurpassed parenting tool in the hands of a parent who fully understands and supports what's happening.
Encourage this in your sons. Help to break the cycle of messed up men raising messed up homes. Whether by being there or being absent, Fathers do have a huge influence.
If your sons like to play knights or some such thing, insist that they live that fantasy to the healthy limit. Encourage them to learn, or teach them, about the ethical code of the Knight. You might just be surprised.
Blessed Be!

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