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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Daily Devotions for Pagan Children

Wednesday, June 29, 2011
This will help to strengthen their connection to the Goddess and God and as they get older allow them to have greater control over both their bodies and minds. And yes I said for children but adults can have a go at these exercises to.
You can take your children out to watch a sunset and if they are older a sunrise since it is to early in the morning for most younger children. Tell them to watch and not talk, I know hard for some of the younger ones but be patient and they will learn to be patient also. When the sun is gone and most of the colors have faded sit still and talk to the children about what they saw, but let them do most of the talking. I have found that if I just sit and listen to my children I will hear the most wondrous things. They are so full of imagination and innocence.
Then you can say a small prayer either to greet or say farewell to the sun.

Farewell to the Sun

Hail and Farewell to you glorious sun
Rest well and rise upon the morn
Merry Meet and Merry Part

Greetings to the Sun

We greet you in joy newborn sun
Rise quickly and banish the night
Light our path in the day ahead
Hail and Blessed Be

Another thing that I do often is try to point out the moon, no matter what phase it is in. Or even just take the kids and point out the stars. Identifying for them the major constellations that are visible. We have a telescope that we have used a few times to look at planets. Lassair, my youngest one, is not to interested. I think she is to young to be patient enough to be interested. But Juliet gets very excited.

I hope that these things have sparked your interest and perhaps you will take the time out to show your children or perhaps just look yourself at the wonders of nature that are revealed around us all the time.

Blessed Be!

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