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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The High Priest

Wednesday, March 30, 2011
The High Priest, the leader of the church, coven, grove. Ruling with the High Priestess by his side he shoulders the mantle of responsibility. He is a counselor and an arbitrator. With the High Priestess, he leads ritual and other spiritual activities for the coven.
They are often held to a different standard than the other people around them. The title itself signifies knowledge and learning. Normally a High Priest does not become one until he has spent many years in the Craft, after which it is assumed that he would know what he is doing.
And while we are all priests of the Goddess not everyone can be nor do they want to be a High Priest. For that mantle involves responsibility for other people's spirituality and religious well-being.

Now you have seen some of the different roles that men can take in Paganism. And hopefully you will take these words to heart and think about what role you fit into or what role you want to fit into. Pagan men although oftentimes are all around us, receive no attention. The God has been completely replaced by the Goddess. Instead of Duality we have become as the patriarchal religions, focusing on only one deity.
So take a stand against this and fight for recognition. Establish mens spirituality groups with like minded men, so that men can find their place in the modern neo-pagan movement.

Blessed Be!

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