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Monday, January 28, 2008

Nine Noble Virtues -- Part Two

Monday, January 28, 2008
I covered the first four of the Nine Noble Virtues in a post on Friday. Those four were Courage; Honor; Truth; Fidelity. The remaining five virtues are Discipline; Hospitality; Industriousness; Self-Reliance; Perseverance.

Discipline is best described as self-discipline. It is the exercise of personal will that upholds honor and the other virtues. It is that which transforms impulse into action. Look around you at modern culture, and it isn't hard to see the lack of discipline that is evident. We are surrounded people obsessed with their rights and that seem to forget their responsibilities entirely.

Hospitality is the center of ancient culture. Without hospitality and the included kindness for each other than we would have never made it this far as a race. And again this is something that is lacking in our modern culture. Kindness for strangers is gone, and is replaced by the "gimme" culture.

Industriousness is best defined as persevering determination to perform a task. To embody this is not to just simply work harder than anyone. Rather it is to live life to the fullest, complete to the end every task that we begin, and to be the best at everything that we do.

Self-Reliance in relation to the Nine Noble Virtues is important. The Virtues are basically a self-imposed morality, meaning that self-reliance is necessary if we are to follow this ethic system. This is also important in the religion of the Asatru, they believe that if we are to ask things of the Gods then we must be worthy of them and the things that we have asked for.
This can also be extended to embrace a minimalist lifestyle, to be truly self-reliant then we must learn to live with only those things that are absolutely necessary.

The final virtue is Perseverance. It is also the one that I believe that we must hold first in our mind. Our world is far from perfect and if we are to make anything out of ourselves then we must persevere. It is easy to have Perseverance when we continue to succeed but at some point we will eventually fail and it is the truest measure of our character if we continue on after a failure.

Even if you are not, or decide not to follow the Asatru path, I hope that you choose to embody the Nine Noble Virtues in your life.

Blessed Be!

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