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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Pagan Healer

Wednesday, January 2, 2008
The Healer. Found in all cultures, all healing in a different way. From the Native American, in all the different tribes; to the Shaman of Old Europe; to the Reiki master of the New Age, there are as many ways to heal as there are reasons to need healing.
I am a 2nd Degree Reiki and so I lean towards that way of healing, and have integrated it into my Pagan Practice. But I have used different color lights and different kinds of stones for healing. I have also drawn out sickness from people.
But a good Healer does not or rather should not just heal the bodies of people and animals, they should also heal the spirit and soul. Along with the the Earth and the society that they find themselves in.
And in healing the Healer is healed also. The way I have always explained is, that during healing the Healer draws in energy from Creator and passes that energy to the one in need of healing. So in essence the Healer is simply a channel for Creator. And this energy that passes through the Healer helps to heal him also.
But healing is not only about energy and prayer, there can and should be (in most cases), herbs or medicine involved. Again the good Healer, knows when something is beyond him alone and will refer the patient to a licensed medical practitioner.
If you feel drawn towards this path then you should follow it earnestly for our world is sick and in trouble and we need more Healers.. Study Reiki and study herbs, perhaps even study how to be a counselor.
Below are just two of the many books on this topic. Feel free to check out my store on Amazon, for other books on this and other topics. If you have any suggestions for things in the store that I forgot to list, let me know.
Blessed Be!

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