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Monday, January 7, 2008

Pagan Prayers for Children

Monday, January 7, 2008
A great thing to teach your children is how to pray. Yes that's right I said pray, Christians do not and should not have a monopoly on prayer. There are many kinds of prayers that children can learn and do. Bedtime prayers, prayers in the morning, and saying grace are just a few.
So take the time today and tonight to teach your children these prayers. It maybe even a good idea for you also to use them. Prayer serves a purpose of strengthening the connection between you and the Goddess and God.
Besides in the case of food and drink something sacrificed its life so that you could eat, so it is just good manners to thank the Gods and the Earth for the meal you are about to eat.
So for thanks or for aid, offer up prayer, They will listen to us and to you. I have had very moving rituals where all I did was bow my head in silence and send up my thoughts in prayer to the Lady and Lord.
Simple Prayer for saying Grace

Lord and Lady, watch over us,
and bless us as we eat.
Bless this food, this bounty of earth,
we thank you, so mote it be.

Bedtime Prayer
found on Beliefnet submitted by RevRaven

Now I lay me down to rest
Goddess guard my little nest
Like the wee bird in the tree
Lovely Goddess, care for me.

Above, below, and round about
Keep all evil spirits out
Bless those I love, and bless me too.
Dearest Goddess, I love you.

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