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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Creed of Life -- Light

Thursday, February 7, 2008
Learning to love does you no good if you cannot learn to live in its light. And if you have that light shining from withing then you must share it . Not to be a light on a hilltop but rather a light into and unto the world around you.
But to do this you must face the Shadow within and integrate it into yourself through love. Instead of letting the Shadow self dominate your life and your personality you must face it and relive individually the many events that together led to the creation of this Shadow self.
So what is it that creates the Shadow self? The Shadow self is a cumulation of all the trauma in your life, and all the acts you have done that you lie about, sometimes even to yourselves, the things we are ashamed of. This is also a tough step and may take years to accomplish this.
But when you do you will be amazed at the growth in personal power. For while some of us may see and realize how much of our energy is wasted in the darkness, few of us realize how much energy we expend in keeping the Shadows at bay.
We fight and fight, when we should really just accept, forgive and move on. But we must be careful to during this process not to let the Shadow take mastery over us.
In some cases, I have found that it may be easier to write a letter to the person who wronged us and then rather then send it to that person, read it again to ourselves. And when you are ready to, light the paper and watch it burn, while practicing all appropriate safety measures of course.
Now while most of this post doesn't really, or at least shouldn't, apply to children, there is a point to it. For we must improve ourselves to make us better people and better parents. And if we can recognize these things in ourselves then we can hopefully work to prevent the worst of these Shadows from taking up residence in our children's psyche.

So Learn to Live in Love so that you may Walk in the Light

Blessed Be!

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