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Monday, February 11, 2008

Creed of Life -- Power and Blessings

Monday, February 11, 2008
I have talked about the importance of living in love and walking in the light. That we must learn to love if we are ever able to be complete. To embrace selflessness. I have also covered the necessity of facing and incorporating the shadow aspect of yourself into a complete personality.
Next I covered taking responsibility for yourself and your actions, especially since your increase of strength after incorporating the shadow. I spoke on truth and on building a moral code of ethics.
And today I will be talking about the last line in the creed. 'And as I receive power and blessings, so do I offer up thanksgiving'. Following this creed will, in the long term, see you granted power. But not if you seek it. For true power is given to those who do not wish for it.
But again responsibility comes into play. As your strength matures into power so will the number of people that look up to you. Along with the people that will continually turn to you for aid and comfort.
Blessings is the second thing that will be given to you. If you follow this creed and subsequently the will of the Creator, you will never have to do without. Now of course this does not mean that we can sit around at home and live good lives and expect the bills to be paid. The real world just does not work that way. But with hard work and good deeds, the universe will smile on you and give you those things that you really need.
But as you receive these blessings you can not just let them sit, you cannot hoard them. For if you are truly living in love then you would aid those that are truly deserving. Like the old saying; pay it forward.
So spend time thinking on these things. How much of this do you incorporate into your life? How much of this do I strive to teach to my children? We should teach them love and not abuse them and mistreat them. This betrayal of their trust leads to adults with issues. A cycle that leads to our children having, to at some point, to face the shadow themselves.
We should teach them honor and responsibility so that as they receive strength they will know how to act. They should learn, from us, what the truth is and how to tell it. Teach them generosity and that others are not as well off as they are. Teach them charity and the power in the act of giving.
The children are our future and if we don't succeed in raising them well, then our future is messed up as well. Our jobs as parents, are not to be our child's best friend, but rather to be their parent, their leader, their guide. We need to quit blaming others for our children's mistakes and foibles and take responsibility.
So make the resolution to guide your children in love and light. Guide them to truth and raise them to take responsibility for themselves. Remember our future depends on it.

Blessed Be!

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