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Friday, February 8, 2008

Creed of Life -- Strength and Truth

Friday, February 8, 2008
What does it mean to have strength? Strength can be physical, mental or even spiritual. Yet in this case I am referring to individual strength. The strength and power that comes from integrating the shadow and light aspects of your personality into a complete whole.
But (I know - bad over done cliche) with great strength comes great responsibility. The biggest problem of the world is people that grasp power by force of will alone without; one, being a whole and complete persona and; two, without realizing the responsibility the new position requires.
The mirror side of this part of the line is Truth and without it strength will abaddon us in the end. So how exactly are we to live in truth? What does this actually mean? Well first it means to live in love and to walk in the light. Second it means to adopt an ethical code and to adhere to it religiously. Third it means to strive to live a life of honor, one that is worthy of respect.
The first I have covered. the second can be covered in two simple words - Harm None. The restof a moral and/or ethical code is merely the fluffy filling. And the third can be summed up with "Tell the truth" and to do nothing that you feel that you must lie about.
I encourage you to read sme of my other posts on ethics and work to establish your own moral code. For in the end us being truthful is required for our continuing strength.
Blessed Be!

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