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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Creed of Life

Tuesday, February 5, 2008
I have written a few posts on what ethics I teach my children. I have covered the Nine Noble Virtues(part 1 and part 2) along with the lessons from a Father to his children. But I haven't touched on the center of my religious values. In my coven we have a creed that goes as follows:

May we learn to live in love and light
So that we may have strength and truth
And that we may receive power and blessings

These three lines, while seeming simple on the surface, are in fact very deep and far reaching. There is first love and that is the love that transcends all things. It is the love between us and the Lady and Lord. It is forgiveness and redemption tied together.
Then there is light, and this is where my other posts on ethics fall into. When you learn to live in love the ethics fall into line, usually without guidance. But it is a tough road to follow.
Next in the poem comes strength. This is not physical strength but the strength that comes from surety and confidence in yourself. But it is also the strength that comes from being recognized by your peers as a good role-model. As a loving and honorable person. The strength that means that you are respected and your words and advice are trusted.
Which leads us right into truth. You must continue to strive to live in love and light. To portray yourself truthfully; to always tell the truth, even to yourself. The strength given us by the people around us will quickly fade away if we stop living honorably. Our own personal strength will abandon us if we do things that cause doubt in ourselves.
At the end is power and blessings. If you can learn to live in love and light and to not abuse your strength and to always be truthful, then you will be given power to influence the world for the better. But again all of this will fade if you fail to realize any of the other values.
The blessings come when you line up with the will of the universe and the Gods. While this may seem hard to understand and hard to accomplish. For who really knows what the will of the Gods is. But I have found that if you follow this creed, then you will unconsciously line up with that will. You will be achieving the will of the Gods for your life.
And when this happens you will find that all things will fall into your life that you need. Now this is not to say that you will not fall into hard times, for that is just part of life. But you will receive all things that you truly need with a little work. Because in real life there are no handouts without cost.
Over the next week I will be covering each of these aspects in greater detail. So please tune back in and comment your agreements or disagreements and suggestions.
Blessed Be!

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