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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

How to Save Money in the Kitchen

Tuesday, March 25, 2008
Now I know this is not a Pagan topic but one that I think is still worthwhile. With uncertain economic times ahead there is an ever growing need to be more conservative in the kitchen. And even in great economic times, who doesn't love ways to save money in anything you do.
My family lives off of rice and beans for the most part. Simply because beans, while simple in design, vary widely in variety and also pack a hefty nutritional punch. And rice is filling and if prepared properly can be very tasty. Now while I won't be covering any recipes today in anything approaching great detail, I will cover many tips and tricks that I have learned that I have found to be helpful.
For example smoked meats are one of the best buys in the grocery store. Now while I find them not to be the most appetizing foods, due to the normally heavy salt content, smoked neckbones are a great addition to beans when they are being cooked. Normally I will fry the meat first with some onions and then add the beans and water and boil until beans are done. For cooking greens I have found that smoked turkey parts are the best for adding seasoning.Neckbones, the unsmoked variety, are useful also in adding flavor to spaghetti sauce and they also are good to eat.
Another great buy are chicken backs. Now while they do not provide the most meat, in fact hardly any at all, they provide an excellent starter for chicken stock or chicken soup, just add water. Also if you buy a whole chicken to cook and save the bones and carcass, you can also boil that to make stock for soups.
Now these are not the only ways to save money in your kitchen, they are a good start to change the ways that you cook. You will be amazed at how a few simple changes will add up to big savings in the end.
Some other ways to save money in the kitchen are;
  • Coupons
  • Cut back on meat consumption
  • Drink more water
  • Don't waste food (Now while this may seem self-explanatory, you will be amazed at the food people waste. Cut back on portions for children, they can always have seconds)
  • Aim for homemade dishes instead of bag meals
Just remember to start small and grow in the number of things that you do. Living and cooking frugally is a mind set that must be cultivated.

Good Luck and Blessed Be!

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