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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Why we as Pagans should be Self-reliant

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

We live in a world of great technological advancements, we as a race produce more then enough food to feed the whole world. But at what cost have we managed this? We have turned over the responsibility for our food to complete strangers. Our plants are fed fertilizer (made from petroleum in most cases) and pesticides. Our animals are fed growth hormones and in some cases the parts of other animals. And in extreme cases both our plants and our animals are genetically modified.
Now I recognize that in our modern society it is next to impossible to avoid any of this contamination of the food that we eat, we do have the power to greatly reduce the amount of this kind of food that we eat. And I also recognize that it is our responsibility, as Pagans, to do this. We pledge to 'harm none' so how can we continue to eat foods that could be harmful to us.
So what is my solution? I propose that we grow most of our own vegetables and if we have the property to raise chickens and the such. And if we do not have the area for livestock then we should reduce the total amount of meat that we eat. Red meat especially and with white meat to choose it with discretion. Of course if you have any health problems you should consult with your doctor before making any changes in your diet.
This growing of your own food will serve many other purposes as well. Including the increasing of harmony with the energies of the Earth and the Sabbats. Growing your own food will save you money depending on what you grow.
If you are lacking in space, or even if you are not. you can start with containers. Here is a link that will help you to begin this project. Also check out your local agriculture office for more tips and help. Some offices even offer a free service to check the acidity of your soil.
Now I know that having a garden is hard work and will cost some money to start up. But the benefits, such as avoiding harmful chemicals and living more in harmony with the Earth, far out way the work involved.
Also if you can not grow some things, then try to buy local. This lessens the impact on Mother Earth and many communities have the farmers markets that sell organic for cheaper, sometimes, then the big stores.

Happy Gardening and Blessed Be!

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