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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Beltane Story

Wednesday, April 16, 2008
The children came to their grandfather, crying out for another story. "Tell us grandfather about the Gods and what comes next in their story."
Smiling the grandfather said, "Well children, if you remember the Gods and the animals had just worked the magick to bring back Spring. And so they spent the next few months enjoying Spring and falling in love.
"So the faeries smiled knowingly and began to make a gift for the Gods. For they knew soon that the Gods would come together in love and be one. So they wove and wove until on the Eve of May their weaving was done. And there where the Faeries had worked so hard was a bower of flowers for the Gods. A bed made of flowers, sweet smelling and pretty to behold.
"Yet still the Gods tarried in the garden of the world. So the faeries called the children and taught them the dance of the Maypole. To bring fertility to the Earth and to urge the Gods to do their part in furthering the cycle. They went across the land gathering brightly colored ribbons and brought them to the pole that the faeries had erected in the forest glen.
"And as the children danced on that May morning, weaving around and around the pole they raised their voices in song. And finally the Goddess came to the God and they became one in that Divine Marriage, the Hieros Gamos.
"So, in celebration, the faeries lit a sacred fire from eight woods. Birch to represent the Maiden, white and pure. Oak to represent the Horned God, strong and mighty.
"Then rowan for life and willow for death. For all life must end to come again. Hawthorn to purify the union. Hazel for a wise child to be made. Apple to aid in fertility and grape for joy. Fir that the union lasts evermore. And when the fire was kindled and grew up to kiss the sky, couples and those looking for another gathered. With great joy these couples jumped the fire to share in its gifts. Wishes they asked for and such was the magick that all the wishes asked were granted.
"When the Gods left their bower of flowers that the faeries had led them to, they smiled and caused the Earth to grow even more bountiful. And because the faeries served so faithfully they were gifted with the first of the bounty of milk and honey.
"So my children that is why we weave and dance the Maypole and light the sacred fires. For it is on this day that the Holly King begins his life. And the magicks we weave help to bring him here safely, so that the cycle may continue forward.
"Now listen children to the hidden meaning and lesson to be found here in these few words. For you to be complete and to grow, you must also blend the two halves. The Goddess and God within.
"Know that great things will come from it. And be strong.
"Now run along children and play let me rest. I will tell you the next part of the Story of the Gods another time"
And the children went to gather ribbons for their own version of the maypole. For they all wanted to do their part.

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