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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Crafts for Children -- Beading

Sunday, April 6, 2008
There are many types of beading work that children can do. Some of which will require adult supervision and aid and others that (depending on age) they can do on their own. If your kids decide that they like this, then it may be worth picking up a beading project kit.
Beading projects can range from as simple as beaded friendship bracelets. To as complex as beaded pendants. For younger children I recommend the larger beads and for the older children or even for yourself you can use smaller beads and in some cases use a loom or just needle and thread. I have made some wonderful pieces by beading onto leather, none of which I have - a side-effect of being generous.

Rainbow Sun Catcher Pony Bead Pattern
Pattern designed by 6 year-old Rachel from Simi Valley, CA.

You Need:

* 66 Light Blue Translucent Pony Beads
* 10 Clear or White Pony Beads
* 18 Purple Translucent Pony Beads
* 12 Red Translucent Pony Beads
* 12 Orange Translucent Pony Beads
* 12 Yellow Translucent Pony Beads
* 8 Green Translucent Pony Beads
* 6 Dark Blue Translucent Pony Beads
* 3 Yards Clear Plastic Lace
* 2 Suction Cups

Our Sun Catcher Kit makes six assorted beaded sun catchers.


Begin at the left side of the pattern and string 9 light blue beads to the middle of your craft lace. String the second row onto one lace. Take the other lace and string through the second row in the opposite direction. Pull tight. Repeat for the third row. Continue according to the pattern. Tie off with a double knot and trim. Slide hook of suction cup under the lace on each side. courtesy of makingfriends.com

If you choose to bead onto leather or even cloth and are handy with a needle then you can use the flat even count peyote stitch. The instructions may come across a little confusing but give yourself some time, I found it to be one of the easiest beading techniques to use. http://beadwork.about.com/library/weekly/aa071497.htm

Good Luck and Blessed Be!

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