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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Horned God -- Myths

Wednesday, April 2, 2008
The horned God was a prevalent god in the old world. Evidence of the worship of this God, in different forms, is prevalent from the Land of the Celts all the way East to the Indus Valley. In the Western world he was worshipped as Cernunnos and in the East he was worshipped as Pashupati.
Much of the worship and myths of these Gods has been lost to history, but some things can be pulled out by conjecture.
For example Pashupati means Lord of the Animals. He is also believed to be a predecessor to Shiva. The story going that Shiva spent so much time in the forest that he became wild like the forest and the animals within it.
Then there is the most well known representation of Cernunnos. The one that appears on the Gundestrup cauldron. In this image he is portrayed in a lotus position surrounded by many different animals some of which have been identified and some of which seem ambiguous.
Both Gods at different times have also been portrayed with three faces and Cernunnos sometimes with three cranes flying over his head.
Some scholars liken this to their connection with the lunar Goddess. But in my opinion this is rather a representation of the fact that the Horned God was an universal God of life. Ruling over birth, life and death. Therefore emphasizing his importance to the peoples of Paleolithic times.
So I encourage you to honor this God in the coming months and especially at Beltaine the time when animals are coming into their own. Meditate on the image and think about what the connection between the two might mean for your own belief system.
It is my sincere belief that at one point in mankind's history we were one people, which means one language and one religion. And that all religions of today have some connection to that one religion. While this explains the similarities between the two Gods it is also a clue to look to the East to find the answers to why certain things are done in the West.

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Blessed Be!

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