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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Pan Myths - Who is He? What Does He stand for?

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Sometimes put under the same label as the Horned Lord, Pan is more well known then other Deities that fit into that aspect. And in fact has more that is known about him.
Pan has a goat's feet and two horns, and wears a lynx-pelt. He is the god of woods and pastures, and also the mountain peaks and rocky crests are his domain. He wanders along the hills, slaying wild beasts. But in the evenings he plays sweet and low on his pipes of reed, with singing nymphs or charites holding him company.
In this description I see a story about how men can, and in my opinion, should be. For too long men have been taught to be just cold stoic automatons. But a Pagan Male should be more than that, he can be the Warrior, the Hunter, the Bard, the Lover and the Peacemaker. And can do all of that without being a series of contradictions. I like to think that we all are more flexible than that.

Pan also is known more for his sexual prowess than for anything else. Yet he was also the shepherd and I have a theory that he also served at some point as a Father figure or at the very least as a God for leaders to emulate.
For, in most cases, a Father can be described as a shepherd tending to his flock or family. Facing all danger, unafraid. So that he may return to safety any family member that is lost or taken.

Meditate on this aspect also and let me know what you all think. Am I too far off base with thinking that Pan could be a Father figure? Either way just think on this Deity and what lessons he has to offer.

Blessed Be!

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