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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sacred Fires -- Drumming

Thursday, April 17, 2008
With warmer weather already here, or in some cases coming upon us, many pagans will be gathering for drum circles. There is a special magick to be found at drum circles. I have been at some circles that felt like a place out of time.
One in particular sticks out in my mind. There were a couple of guitars and a violin present. They were accompanied by a set of larger drums, called djembes and a handful of smaller drums, called doumbeks. Suddenly the air changed and we could all feel the energy rise around us. Small groups begin to spontaneous dance. Complete strangers threw caution to the wind and danced around like gypsies under the moon long ago.
If you haven't managed to get to a drum circle then I encourage you to do so. Even if you don't drum or dance, you can always shake a rattle in time or just sit and enjoy the rhythms.
Small children, those that require constant supervision are not oftentimes good companions for circles. But older children, especially if they have their own instruments, will also have a blast.

Simple guidelines for Fire Circle courtesy of 4qf.org

Our guidelines are simple and unrestrictive, but we do ask that they be respected. These requests are for our safety, both physical and spiritual. We hold this circle, this fire as sacred. This is a circle, cast with intent in ritual, and we ask that you enter and exit through the East Gate.
Please refrain from smoking cigarettes or pipes while within Fire Circle. If you do smoke, step out of the circle through the East Gate, and make sure to pocket any butts or other debris. Alcoholic beverages may not be present at Fire Circle and public drunkenness will not be tolerated. Please keep all glass and ceramic containers of any kind off the sanded center. Fire jumping is prohibited.
The inner ring is reserved for dancers, if you wish to dance slowly, while remaining still or wish to mediate, please move towards the outside. Always keep in mind that it is the interaction between the drums, the dancers, the fire, the sky above and the ground below that provides our energy.
Be respectful of your fellow participants. Ask before taking a picture, this is taboo to some and disrespectful to someone in trance. Flashes are disruptive and startling, refrain from using a flash when you do take a picture. Have fun, be safe.
If you have a question or request, ask one of the fire tenders. This circle, this fire, this night is what we make of it and what we bring into it."

So find a drum circle nearby and go have some fun!

Blessed Be!

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