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Monday, May 19, 2008

Lack of Spirituallity

Monday, May 19, 2008
I have talked in two earlier posts, about the Lack of Heroes in our Culture and the Lack of Myths to tell to our children. These two things are merely symptoms of a larger problem. Which is the overall lack of spirituality in our culture.
With mainstream churches becoming, for the most part, obsessed with money, they are failing their congregations. I mean seriously does a preacher need a Lexus and his own private jet? Now I know that this isn't all churches and all leaders. But even the smaller churches have their own problems and scandals and fail their members as well.
What is missing in these churches? Why do preachers, priests and reverends fall by the wayside? The answer is that they have forgotten to tend to their Spirit. They are more obsessed with dogma then they are about becoming better and more spiritual people. And less even so to teach their congregation.
Now there is hope for the world. Paganism and the New Age movement is growing at an exponential rate. Even Oprah has glommed on the craze, with her classes with Eckhart Tolle.
So don't give up yet.

But, the question could be asked, what is spirituality? Spirituality can be defined as experiencing a connection to the Gods or God, depending on your faith, in all moments of your life.
So what is it that you can do as parents to teach your children the benefits of spirituality. Well first off, and you are already doing this, is to read this blog. Go back through the archives if your new and try some of the activities I have talked about in the past. Next you can just open yourselves up to the Divine, let Her, Him or Them speak to you. Know that They are there. This may take time, for you to develop the ears and eyes to hear and see Them.
Take a moment each day to pray or meditate. Better yet do both and do them often. If you make an effort to know the Divine then They will meet you halfway. Speak to Them and They will listen and respond. You only have to listen.
Tell your children stories about the Gods and about the Sabbats. Include them in your prayers and in your rituals if they are old enough. My youngest daughter is four and has already memorized her daily prayer and is eager to do it often.
Just remember that if something you are doing to connect isn't working then try something else. Ritual should be a tool to commune with the Divine, not a roadblock.
If any of you have any suggestions then I ask that you comment and let us all know.

Blessed Be!

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