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Monday, May 12, 2008

Where are all the Heroes?

Monday, May 12, 2008
Men have been sidelined to a status almost approaching second class. At one point a boy could look forward to being a man. Could look for role models and actually find ones that were worth looking at. Before the feminist movement, men were the center of the world and after feminism they are nothing. Stripped of all that used to make them men, men today wonder around in a daze. Staying at home with their parents late into their thirties and failing to go to college and/or make anything out of themselves.
Now I must say here that the feminist served its purpose of making the world realize that women were the equal of men. What I am disagreeing with is how the extreme in the feminist movement fail to realize that we are equal and that we both need the other. In other words they have done to men what men did to women.
So we as men need to stand up and take our place again. We need to show strength and vision. Exude wisdom and power. Not to dominate or to rule over others. But rather to be leaders and heroes again.
When they say that there is no hope for the children, what they are really saying is that there is no hope for the future. Our children wonder lost looking for guidance and all they are told is how men are an evil, vicious, violent and sex crazed race. That they don't need men and if they are boys, then the message is that they aren't needed.
Check out some of the links below for further reading on this topic. Hope that this stirs many of you to action. Time for true equality, our children are depending on it.

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