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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Celebrating with Food

Tuesday, June 24, 2008
The sacrifice of the first of the harvest to the Gods. The laying out of milk, honey and bread for the faeries. The mute supper laid out to honor the dead on Samhain. The partaking of Cakes and Ale in circle to ground us after ritual.
These are just a few of the rituals that we as Pagans may celebrate with food. Throughout the centuries our ancestors celebrated many more. So what is it about food that allows it to serve such an important role in so much?
Well my theory is that when we do anything with intent it becomes charged with energy. And food is one of the few items with the huge potential to store energy. Food by itself holds much energy, that is how we can live off of food. So if you ritually prepare food as an offering to the Gods or to any spirits then it becomes a hyper charged vessel of energy.
And to prepare our own food is to become more in tune with the energies of the Earth around us. I also think that, as a modern culture, with all of our processed foods, we have forgotten the wonders of wholesome food. They have stripped our food of all that was good for us and added sugars and preservatives. This is convenient for us, so we don't complain. Yet this disconnect has also served as another way we have been divorced from nature.
So with Lughnassadh coming upon us, that time of the first harvest of the year, we should look at the food in our daily lives. Try the recipes I post here on this blog. Make an effort to live more healthy, to watch the food that we eat. Read some of the labels, the salt alone in most prepackaged meals will serve to kill you early.
In addition I encourage all of you to take a look at the role of food in your rituals, both personally and as a family. Examine the food that you offer to the Gods or to the various spirits, maybe you should try to make some of it from scratch to add that extra little bit of honor to the Gods.
Now I know that all of this isn't necessary, because it is the intent that counts not the items involved. But I think that any extra work you do will increase your intent.

Blessed Be!

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