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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dichotomies of Being a Man

Thursday, June 26, 2008
I have noticed in many of the men that I meet that they fall onto one side of a very puzzling dichotomy. On one side they shuck all responsibility and choose to float through life without a care. The other side, and I am guilty of this at times, holds themselves to the other extreme. They carry guilt if their family have to do without anything, whether it is needs or wants.
I am puzzled by this extreme dichotomy arising. I want to just address it to a lack of strong and well-adjusted male role models. But, is it really that simple? Is it a combination of factors; like the over-medication of our boys or the marginalization of men in our culture?
As I sit here, writing this, the idea that the second two have led to the first and therefore indirectly lead to the arising of this dichotomy.
So what are we to do, if we accept that this dichotomy exists? There are many things that men and women need to do. Men need to break the cycle and grow up. Women need to 1.) stop treating their men like children and 2.) stop allowing them to act like children. But you can't do that like a mother would do to her child. So none of the scorn that I so often see directed at men. Rather seek to aid, guide and lift up your men. Help them to realize the potential to be complete.
For men, their step seems a lot tougher. They may need counseling, or at the very least a group of like minded men heading on the same path to help them along. There are many religious groups that are there to help men.
I am interested in any of your experiences that you wish to share, either comment or email me. Also any ideas and comments on any of the things I have said here.

Blessed Be!

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