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Monday, June 13, 2011

Myths of Apollo

Monday, June 13, 2011
Apollo is probably one of the most famous of the Sun Gods. He was worshiped by the Greeks and had temples scattered all over the ancient world, from Syria in the East and Britain in the West.
In addition to the Sun his domains include music, prophecy, colonization, medicine. The temple at Delphi was dedicated to him.
Apollo is in many respects the paradigm of a Greek god. He represents order, harmony, and civilization in a way that most other Olympian deities cannot quite equal. And in fact he can be best described as the God at the opposite end of the spectrum from Dionysus. While Dionysus is chaotic and frenzied, Apollo is a God of structure and peace.

So reflect on these attributes during this Sabbat to come, Litha. Pray for prophecy and sight of the future. Take up herb crafting for medicine. Try to learn how to play a new instrument. Sing to Apollo for his gifts.

Blessed Be!

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