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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Paganism and Responsibility

Wednesday, June 25, 2008
Floods in the Midwest. Fires further West then that. Hurricane season upon us in the South. And other disasters and war in the world at large. To many Americans if these things aren't happening to us then they either don't exist or don't matter. Yet we as Pagans, should care and care deeply.
We have learned how to do magick and to change the world and make it a better place. Or at least many of us have. And if not, and even if so, we at least know how to pray.
So what do us as Pagans, do about it? I haven't seen any widespread call for us to work magick to help things come to an end that harm none.
But the question really is, do we as Pagans have a responsibility to work magick to help the world at large? Should we do anything or let nature run its course?
I personally have kept the victims of the flooding in the Midwest in my mind and sent whatever energy that I could spare. But that is my personal choice and may not be any one else's choice.
So what is the answer? To quote a to often spoken cliche; "With great power comes great responsibility." And they said that comic books would never teach me anything. So from this my answer is; We have the power to help and would be negligent if we did nothing. In other words, yes we must.
What are your thoughts? And are any of you, either affected directly, or are doing anything to help?
Blessed Be!

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