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Monday, July 14, 2008

Self-Sustaining Lifestyle

Monday, July 14, 2008
What does this mean? Is it to live off the grid, like the Amish? Or is it rather to walk softly upon our Mother the Earth? To me I would say that it can be both.
We can live shut away from the Earth, living in harmony with the land. Grow our own food and raise animals for food (or not if you are vegetarian).
But we can also decide to just minimize our own footprint on the earth. Where we are careful where our food comes from, growing our own if we can. Where we drive less, walking or taking mass transit if we can.
Very little in our world is perfect. And so our aim towards a self-sustaining lifestyle does not have to be one towards an absolutely perfect self-sustaining lifestyle.
Now that we have defined what this lifestyle can be. The question arises, Should we as Pagans try to aim for this lifestyle?
My answer to that is yes. We speak of harming none, and of being in harmony with the Gods, the universe and the Earth. But do we really live that lifestyle?
So as harvest time comes upon us, once again, I challenge you to try and live in such a way that you minimize your impact on the Earth. And I also ask for comments on how we can live that way.
Blessed Be!

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