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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bringing Family Together in Faith

Tuesday, June 28, 2011
This past week I have talked about the importance of faith over religion and raising children with faith. But what do you do if your family is lacking a little in the faith department? We live in a stressful, non faith conducive world. So it is easy to do. To fall away from faith and stop living a spiritual life.
There are many things that one can do to both connect with your family and to connect them (and yourselves) to faith.
  • Family Altar
  • Meals together with Prayers
  • Bedtime prayers said together
  • Worshiping in Circle together
  • Acting as living reminders to each other
Some of these are harder to do then others but they all will work to remind each of you to have faith. For space reasons, I personally do not have a family altar up, but it is in my plans for the new year, when I can afford to buy smaller furniture which will clear up room. Yet the idea of a house altar that serves as a focal point for the faith of the family is a very ancient idea.
The best placement for the altar is up to you. But strive to place it somewhere that everyone will see it often. You can decorate it for the different Sabbats and make it a center of your family rituals.
Praying together, whether at meal times or at bedtime or any other time, strengthens the bonds of family with the glue of faith. So do it. Pray together often. And when the occasion arises take the time for all to say thanks to the Gods for all that they have received.
When the children get old enough they should be included in ritual with the family. This serves at least two purposes. The first being of course to increase the bonds of family. And the second being to prepare them for the ritual outside of the home in the public eye.
The last one may be the hardest one and is one that I have borrowed from Christianity. We all "backslide". You know, get tired of the effort and the daily grind. Yet if we have someone at hand to remind us of why we do what we do and to hold us up through the trials our faith can survive and even strengthen.
If anyone out there has any other ideas please feel free to post them in the comments below.
Blessed Be!

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