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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Role of the Father Priest

Tuesday, September 23, 2008
I wrote an article back in the beginning of this blog on the role of a Pagan Father. So I have kind of covered this topic in the past. But I wanted to write this article anew since my views have changed slightly since then.

First I must say that the idea of the Family Coven along with the Father Priest and Mother Priestess, comes from FWTI (Family Wiccan Tradition International). A wonderful organization that was founded by Lydia Crabtree. So all respect must be given to her, for introducing me to the idea of Family Covens and all that they involve.

It is my belief that the a Father Priest has the responsibility to support his family's Mother Priestess. But support her in what? Well the short answer is; In building the traditions of the Family Coven. I am hesitant to begin speaking of gender roles, because I am not a sexist. But I believe that women and men are different and have different and unique energies to bring to any task and especially in the creation and upbringing of children and in the building of their spiritual tradition.

In my Family Coven, since I write this blog, I am the creator of lessons for the children and some of the traditions. And I bring the masculine energy of the God to my daughters. It is a responsibility that I take very seriously, since how their experience with the opposite sex will begin with me.
Me and my wife are a big fan of the old-school views on husband and wife, with a modern twist of course. We both work and both share household chores. But she takes more of a responsibility in the daily raising of the children, while I take more responsibility in providing and tending to the support of the family. While we came to this arrangement naturally, looking back I saw that in Wiccan mythology the Goddess (Mother) is nurturing while the God (Father) was the provider. But this doesn't mean that I do not nurture my children. For I am a firm believer in balance. We all have Goddess and God within each of us.

So what should the Pagan Father look like in your Family Coven? Well that answer will be different as each of us. I believe that he should take on the masculine role as teacher and leader but embrace his "inner Goddess" so to speak. He should seek to be balanced. Strong but flexible. Loving but stern. The epitome of maleness but still in touch with his inner feminine. I seek to be the best provider, teacher, healer, rock of strength, meter of discipline that any person can be. I am far from perfect but I try my best to be just that.

On a side note: this is something that I see lacking in Wicca and Paganism at general. There are good fathers but there are not, or at least very few, good Pagan fathers. Too many I have met in Paganism just kind of drift along with the flow of people around them. Men for some reason are not deeply involved in Paganism. They do not try to be leaders. Although through networking I have found a few that I know are great fathers. But this is just a pet peeve of mine, one that I won't cover this day.

I would be interested in comments, below, for any of you that see anything that I left out. Or that you think should have been left out.

Blessed Be!

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