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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Role of the Mother Priestess

Wednesday, September 24, 2008
Yesterday I covered the role of the Father Priest, and today I want to cover the other side of the coin; what the Mother Priestess does. She is the nurturer and the light of the Family Coven. And as the moon guides us through the darkest night, the Mother Priestess can do that for the other members of her Family Coven.

She is also a protector of her children and the shoulder that they cry on when they fall (whether physically or otherwise). As she is supported by the Father Priest, so is it her role to support Him. In my Family Coven I take much responsibility on my shoulders. I work the most and manage the money and subsequently I blame myself for things not ending on the right note, for not being able to give my family everything they want. And it is my wife, as Mother Priestess who knocks sense back into me and helps me to overcome. And for this I am greatly appreciative.

But what else does the Mother Priestess does? She can be the initiator of the young girls into young adulthood. She is the reflection of the Goddess in all her aspects, not just in the Mother aspect. She shows Her sons how to treat a lady and Her daughters on how to act and how to expect to be treated.

With the Father Priest, She helps to establish the ethical code of the Family Coven. And works to instill those core values into Her children. Along with this She is the teacher of the young minds on the lessons that only a Mother can give. The ability to nurture, and to feel, to have compassion and instinct.

I know this article isn't long, but I have a very limited experience on being a Mother Priestess, if you know what I mean. So to all the Mother Priestesses out there, please comment and let us know what you all do to help in the spiritual upbringing of your children.

Blessed Be!   

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