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Monday, October 6, 2008

Pagan Virtues -- Efficiency

Monday, October 6, 2008
Efficiency, defined by Webster, as the quality or degree of being efficient. A wonderful thing that is, being efficient. Doing things successfully with as little effort as is required. This is the key to a minimalist lifestyle. But one that many of us struggle with. As the deluge of books and TV shows on organization and productivity can attest to.

We can't seem to organize things or even let go of things that we don't need. We buy bigger houses so that we can buy more stuff, which we pile in storage and the garage and the occasional closet and then forget about it.

So how can we be efficient? Well you can make the resolution, this is a great time for that since Samhain is sometimes called the Pagan New Year, to clear out your life. Both of physical and spiritual things. Clean out the things that you don't genuinely need, if it makes it easier then just box the stuff up and come back to it in six months and see if you have missed anything.

Also take the time to clean out the dead weight in your personal life. I think most of us can say that we have friends, that aren't really friends. They come around to mooch off of us and disappear when we are strapped and can't help them anymore.

This won't be an easy process but it will make your life run better. Guaranteed.

What do all of you do to be more efficient? Share any links or tips below in the comments.

Blessed Be!

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