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Monday, October 27, 2008

Pagan Virtues -- Recap

Monday, October 27, 2008
Now that I have covered all the virtues on my list, I feel it is time to put up a summary of this topic. One of the most important roles of a parent is to create an ethical system for their children. For they are too young and inexperienced to create one.

So I encourage you to go back over this list and make your own list. Talk with your significant other, if you have one, and write a list of what your family's virtues are going to be and a little explanation. I don't recommend including your children in this, because you may wind up with virtues like eating ice cream for lunch on Sundays. Now while this may be a fun one, it will get old quick enough.

Let this list be fluid and as your child(ren) gets older or your family gets larger (or smaller) go back and reexamine this list so that it makes sense for your current situation. When your child gets old enough (teenager is my plan) have them examine this list and try to figure out on their own why the list has the virtues and ethics that it does. Because a time is coming when they will be moving away and will have to create their own reasons for living an ethical life. They won't have you the parent(s) looking over their shoulder to make sure they live good, so "Because I said so", wont be good enough.

I hope that you have enjoyed this multi-part post and have learned something from it. If you have any comments, the form is below.

Blessed Be!

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