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Monday, October 20, 2008

Pagan Virtues -- Wisdom

Monday, October 20, 2008
A lot of people throw the word wisdom around. They talk about how wisdom only comes with age. But it has been my experience that some times it doesn't even come then. In fact I have met children and young adults with great wisdom.

But what exactly is wisdom? Well first off it is not knowledge or common sense, but it includes those things. Rather wisdom is the proper use of knowledge and thoughts. We can have knowledge but if we don't act on it in a proper and "wise" manner, what good is it?

Wisdom is that which allows us to make decisions that do not involve ourselves getting drowned in drama or calamity. And as to be expected, wisdom cannot be taught. It can only be gained through experience, whether in this life or in past lives.

So I call on parents to let your children grow up without a lot of interference. To many parents are quick to save their kid from all obstacles and disasters. But if they do not have to save themselves growing up, then how can they learn to ever save themselves? How can they gain the insight and wisdom to make the right decisions if they never have to learn or to think? Now don't think that this means to let your kids get in over their head, but it means if they fail a test or to get on a team, then tell them to work harder next time, don't call the teacher or coach and complain. Let the child face the problem head on.

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Blessed Be!

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