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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Samhain Decorations - The Straw Man

Sunday, October 16, 2011
The straw man is an easily constructed symbol of the God of the Dark Half of the Year, the Holly King. You can keep him on your altar until after Yule when he will retire to Summerland until Lughnassadh.

You can make a straw man from leftover plants in the garden, or you can gather together some plants from the woods. (Just make sure that they are not poisonous or capable of causing an allergic reaction.) You will need two bundles of these plants, one slightly larger then the other.

Here are the simple instructions:
  1. With a long piece of string tie the fatter bundle together about a fourth of the way from the top. This end will wind up becoming the head.
  2. Separate the bundle a little bit, and slide the thinner bundle of weeds through the center. These will be the arms. Use the string and wrap in a criss-cross shape around the body to hold the arms in place. Tie it off to keep it tight, but don't cut the string.
  3. Finally, spread the lower part of the fatter bundle apart, forming two halves as the legs. Bring the string down and wrap around the "thighs" to keep the legs in place. If your branches seem like they're too fluffy, tie a small length of string in place around the wrists and ankles; as the greenery dries it won't stick out as much.
Put the King of Winter in a place of honor in your house, so that he may watch over and protect you through these coming months.

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