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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Should Children Learn Divination?

Thursday, October 14, 2010
The short answer to this question is, maybe. I believe that there are as many answers to this question as there are parents in Paganism. So this answer will vary from child to child and from family to family. But for myself and my family the answer is a resounding yes, when they are old enough. I say this because I am a firm believer that divination works, this is from both readings I have done for others and for readings that have been done for me.

So When Are They Old Enough?

Well they are old enough when they understand simple magick and can tap into that energy that is all around us. In divination they must be able to see, feel and understand the currents that are surrounding us. I know that much of this feeling comes with practice, but if the child can't charge a candle or a stone, then how can we expect them to be able to see the pattern of the future? So it will come with time and age. But how can you prepare them for this kind of working? You can begin by including them in rituals as active participants just not spectators. Also when they reach an age where they can understand cause and effect and are aware that they are responsible for their actions, you can begin to teach them simple magick. And finally you can train them to meditate and focus on their breath and their own energy currents. These few actions will give them the needed experience that they need to both become Wiccans with awareness and able to perform divination.

I would love to get any thoughts you have on this. So don't hesitate to comment below.

Blessed Be!

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