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Sunday, November 16, 2008

All You Need is Love. Love is All You Need.

Sunday, November 16, 2008
While what the title says may be true, the question is what exactly is Love?
On the physical side Love, as Mark Twain put it, is the irresistible feeling of the need to feel irresistible. Yet this Love that I am talking about is not just physical love, but rather it is the same Love that the Gods feel for us and that we should feel, first for ourselves and then for everyone else.

This spiritual Love, can be best summed up in a greeting from India, Namaste. This single words means, "The Divine in Me recognizes the Divine within You". In other words it recognizes that we are all part of the Gods and all worthy of Love.

So, now that we have a rough definition of Love, the question is: What are the steps towards learning to Live in Love? First you must learn to forgive and let go of all negativity, including grudges and jealousy. Then you must examine yourself and make a list.

First on this list, you need to put down the things about yourself that you do not love. Remember be honest. Second put down on the list, those things about yourself that you do love. After you finish the list you need to learn to love yourself. If you have negative habits work on changing them. Hey I never said that this would be easy.

I have always heard that learning to love oneself is the hardest thing that one can do. Because it relies so much on naked and brute honesty with one's self.

When you can learn to Love yourself then the Love for all else will follow.

I would love to hear all of your stories, thoughts and comments, so please comment below. And oh yeah, join me the rest of this week as I further explore the Creed of my Family Coven.

Blessed Be!

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