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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

And as We Receive Power and Blessings

Wednesday, November 19, 2008
Back on last Friday, I began talking about the Creed of my Family Coven. And in that article I talked about how until recently they were a working theory. Today's article addresses that idea.

I say that it was a working theory since it had not come to full fruition. The reason for that was that I wasn't truly embracing the edict of the former line. I was not living my life as truthfully as I should have, I was not following the Will of the Universe, my True Will.

So I decided to stop fighting and give in to the flow. The first thing was the beginning of this blog, which led to me finding Lydia Crabtree and through her, Family Wiccan Tradition International. While in FWTI I was led to the Clergy program, in which I am currently halfway through my first year of study. Now I am the Family Coven Weaver for FWTI as well.

All of these things are the embodient of what I mean when I say that we receive power. It is not power over anyone or anything. Rather it is the power of influence that living a loving, light-filled and truthful will enable you to have. But the condition is that if you fail to live any part of this life, then the power will leave you.

Then we come to Blessings. As I have learned to accept the fact that I am valuable and people listen to me and value my opinions, I have realized blessings beyond anything I can imagine. I have found new friends which have fast become like family. I am genuinely happy and stress free for the first time in a long time. My bills which are not gone are at the very least paid on time and I continue to have a loving wife and children and a house that will keep me warm during this upcoming winter.

So as you can hopefully see, this Creed can lead you to a rich life. One that is truly blessed by the Gods.

Blessed Be!

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