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Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Creed of my Family Coven

Thursday, November 13, 2008
One of the most important things that a Family Coven can do to establish themselves is to create and write down a moral code. A list of ethics that they wish to live by and to instill in their children. I have already covered a good list of Pagan Virtues, but I figured that I would cover my own personal code. (For long time readers bear with me. I know I covered this before but I promise that this time will be different.)
May we learn to live in love and light
So that we may have strength and truth
And that we may receive power and blessings
These three lines are the essence of how I conduct my life. I don't need long edicts or complicated dogma. Although these three lines are much more complex then they seem. They can embody a lifetime of personal journeying to complete and embody.

Until very recently these three lines were a working theory. In essence I knew that they could make some one a better person, but I had never personally experienced or witnessed it. But now through my work with FWTI, I have begin to realize and reap the benefits of following this Creed.

For a long time I understood the part of Love, although I struggle to define it, I knew that I loved myself and the Gods and all the world. I know that sounds like a cliche, bear with me. I understood the parable of Plato's Cave, that the light was enlightenemnt and wisdom and that not everyone is comfortable with this.

I felt the strength that came from living in Love and Light. I understood living a life that was true to myself and that was an honorable one. But I struggled when it came to the part about Power and Blessings. I, first off, wanted nothing to do with power or the responsiblity that comes with it. And secondly I was struggling to much financially to understand where the Blessings came in.

But then I realized that I could not be truly living in the light, if I was not following the will of the Gods. Which at the root was really my true will, since We are all of Them as They are of Us. So I began to accept the responsibility that was being offered to me, I have accepted the position as the Family Coven Weaver for FWTI, which gives me the honor of working with other Family Coven's to build their own Family Traditions.

Through doing this, although I have suffered from some losses, overall I have received blessings in plenty. So now I can say that this a system that works, but you must be willing to accept all parts of it, without seeking for the power that it will bring.

I hope that you all will join me next week as I cover each of these things in greater detail. To make it easier here is a link to subscribe to my blog by email or rss. Hope to see you all around.

Blessed Be!

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