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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dealing With Loss Through Faith

Tuesday, November 11, 2008
While we can all hope for our lives to run well without hiccups, bad stuff happens. It is how we deal or learn to deal with these things that define and make us as the person we are. Right now in my life there is a mix of good and bad. Gain and loss.

I am progressing in my studies with FWTI. While not rich, I am paying all my bills and the future is looking bright. But at the same time my wife and I are dealing with the grief of a recent miscarriage. My oldest is having allergy issues, so we are having to thin the zoo that is my house i.e. get rid of some fur babies.

As a result I have spent some time over the last few weeks thinking on how faith can carry us through all things even the loss of a child. Some people blame the Gods for what has happened, rather then to just understand that bad stuff happens to good people. And that to live is to take the risk to suffer. There is no vendetta against us from the Gods. While other people turn to the Gods and ask for the will to continue on, and the strength to overcome the obstacles that have sprung up in their path.

I much prefer the second course. But I understand how difficult it is to not blame the Gods. Some has to take the blame, right? But my family coven talks about learning to love so that we may walk in the light. This means that we must learn to love if we ever are to be complete as a person. But this love can not be just for earthly things, it must include (if it is to be true love) the Gods along with ourselves.

And besides the Gods loves us as their children. How can they wish harm to any of us?

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