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Monday, November 22, 2010

Over Commercilization of Holidays

Monday, November 22, 2010
With Thanksgiving this weekend, the "Official Holiday Season" begins. You know, the time when we all are supposed to run around like mad buying all that we can get our hands on. But I think that this isn't the real way this time is supposed to be.

This is a time that we should all gather as family and not worry about the expense or cost of the gift. It is the exchange of energy that is truly important.

But what is it that has led us to this point of overcommercilization? I think it is the combination of greed by the companies that profit from this shopping spree and the lack of spirituallity in our culture. If we as a culture move away from looking at the sacredness, not only of this time but of all life, then how can we expect this holiday season to be anything else other than maddening?

I would love to hear any comments from you readers on your thoughts on this topic. So please comment below.

Blessed Be!

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