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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Teaching the Elements to Children

Thursday, November 6, 2008
I have had questions in the comments on this blog on the best way to teach children about Wicca. Below is a sample outline of an exercise that I did with my four year old. I think it worked very well so I figured I would share it with all of you.

Items Needed
  • Bowl of Earth
  • Bowl of Water
  • Feather
  • Tea light or votive candle
  • Four Candles -- Yellow, red, blue, green
Arrange colored candles in a circle around you. Putting the appropriate color candle and elemental representation in each of the quarters. Have your children sit with you and tell them that you are going to talk about the elements.

The world is made of five elements. Everything in it.

Move to the East and wave each of the children with the feather. Ask them if they feel the breeze. Tell them that is Air. Have them breathe in and out. Tell them that they have Air within them, that it is all around them. Show them the yellow candle saying that yellow is the magickal color of the element of Air.

Take them deosil to the South and light the tea light. Now, with extreme caution, let them feel the heat from the candle. Tell them that this Fire. Have them put their hand over their heart, feel the warmth and the beating of their heart. Tell them that this is a sign of Fire within them. Show them next the red candle and say the red is the magickal color of the element of Fire.

Continue on to the West and handing around a bowl of water, let each of the children dip their fingers into the water. Tell them that this water. Then have them lick their lips. Ask them if it feels wet, say that this the water within them. Show them the blue candle, telling them that this is the magickal color of the element of Water

Finally go on to the Northern quarter. Hand them the bowl of Earth and let them feel the dirt. Tell them that this is Earth. Tell them that their bodies and the bones within are made of the element of Earth. Show them the green candle, telling them that this is the magickal color of the element of Earth.

Now take time for any questions before continuing onto Spirit.

Ask them, "Are you different then me?" They should answer yes. Ask them if they know what it is that makes us different. The answer is that it is spirit that makes us different. We each have a different spirit within us. When you talk to the Goddess and God they are spirit. Spirit is what makes us alive. There is no color for spirit because you cannnot see it, you can only feel it.

Tell them next that: When we do ritual we cast a circle made of spirit around us. It separates from our world, where we have to go to work or do chores and takes us to a magickal place. And in circle we call the Four Elements as watchtowers to watch over us and protect us while we honor the Gods.

Take a few final moments for question time.

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