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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Looking Forward to Imbolc

Tuesday, January 3, 2012
I get a lot of requests for my children's story. So I figured I would start off the march to Imbolc with this Sabbat's story.

In other news I have started putting videos on YouTube, so check out my channel and tell me what you think about this week's video. I also have some big things in the works that I will announce at the beginning of next week. So stay tuned and have a great week!

"Grandfather? Grandfather, is it time for another story," asked the littlest child, barely refraining from jumping up and down in excitement.

The old man leaned back in his chair and smiled, as he lit his pipe. After taking several puffs, he said, "Yes. I think is about a time. So where was I? Ah, yeah the Sun King born and the Maiden sleeping.

"Well the Sun King returned to the side of his Mother and meditated for a long time seeking an answer but none came. So he went to the land of the Sidhe and sought for answers from the Wise Ones there.

"The Sidhe came and sealed the Maiden within a crystal casket to protect her from the world until they could come up with a solution. After a short while they recommended to the Sun King must travel the world and to the Faery Oracle and seek for answers.

"How you must remember that during this time the Sun King has not been warming the Earth like he should. And the long journey to the Oracle will do little to help the Earth. But still the newborn Sun must arm himself and travel through the worlds to the World Tree and climb it to find the magick needed to waked the snow white maiden.

"A Long, long time he spent climbing that tree, after he found it, and as his hope waned he came across a grove, lit from within of its own light. Knowing that this was the Blessed Vale he entered into it and weaved through its labyrinth, into the center. There he found a standing stone surrounded by grass.

"Above was the stars and in front of the standing stone, sat the Oracle. The Sun King crossed to Her and sat before her and began to tell his story and then asked for answers to his quest.

"Then the Oracle spoke, 'Many people come seeking fame and fortune, yet you come in love. Realizing that love, the greatest gift, is all you need in life. You seek help to fulfill the will of Nature herself so I tell you that love's true kiss will waked Her that sleeps.'

"Now as you can expect at this simple answer, the Sun King was angry and frustrated. Remember though he was only a few months old at this point. So he yelled, in anger, at the Oracle, 'Is that it? If that is the answer why did I have to take this long journey?'

"The Oracle not offended, just smiled and raised her hand for patience and said, 'Oftentimes the journey is more than the answers we seek at the end. So go now and waken the Maiden and in turn waken the Earth before it is too late.'

"And with that the Sun King found himself, surprised of course, again at the top room in that tallest tower where, in her crystal casket, the Maiden slept. The Sidhe, after they got over their shock of course, gathered around the Sun King in breathless awe, as the God lifted the lid of the casket and set it to the side.

"Then with great happiness they watched Him kiss the sleeping Maiden and let out a cry of joy when her eyes fluttered open and she took a deep breath.

"As the Maiden rose from her bower she began to speak about her journeys and of her conversations with the Holly King. She told of the new cycle that had began and been laid out. She told him of the upcoming and past events in the Wheel of the Year.

"In celebration the Faeries spun a beautiful dress of spidersilk and the morning's first dew. Because the Faeries knew that this momentous kiss was akin to a betrothal and that the Goddess and God would be married soon. Plus the Goddess said as much herself.

"This is why children we make the corn dolly at this time of the year. To represent the Maiden and the future bride. And when we dress her in white it is a representation of the dress that the Faeries made for her.

"And our holiday of Imbolc is the day that the God returned from his long quest and the day the Maiden awoke. So this is why we give praise on this day and why we have our feast. Like at Samhain, when we say farewell to the Goddess, so do we at this holiday say greetings to Her.

"So that is the story of the Season of Imbolc. Go now children and let your grandfather rest."
Then almost as one the children ran off to play as, either the sleeping Maiden, or the Sun King on his long quest, letting their grandfather drift off into sleep.

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