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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Children and Rituals

Wednesday, February 4, 2009
One of the questions that was put to me in the last month was how do I take my solitary and eclectic practice and boil it down to something that I can do, first with my family and second with my young children most of all?

So I figured I would try to address that issue here. I am probably one of the most eclectic Wiccans on the planet. I take a little from everything and only keep what works. My family coven doesn't cast circle in the usual manner. We each take a turn walking through the five elemental points and in doing so make the circle of energy.

And while my rituals were never that elaborate, to a five year old they are long and boring. So I have had to make things shorter and most importantly, children interactive and friendly.

The rituals, as you can see from past rituals that I have posted, put the child to the forefront and give her an important role in every thing. My reasoning is how can she be bored if she is doing quite a bit.

So now I pose the question to all of you, how do you make rituals work for your children?

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