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Friday, February 25, 2011

The Goddess Eostre

Friday, February 25, 2011
There is a theory that the Christian holiday of Easter is named after this Saxon Goddess. This theory springing from the Venerable Bede's Temporum Ratione. In which Bede tells us that April as known as Eostre Month and sacred to Eostre.

So who exactly was Eostre? While little remains to us, since so much of the oral tradition was lost, is that she was a fertility Goddess and a Goddess of Spring. I found the following story out in the internet while I was researching this article and I think it sums her up quite well. Link here.

Once, when the Goddess was late in comming, a little girl found a bird close to death from the cold and turned to Eostre for help. A rainbow bridge appreared and Eostre came, clothed in her red robe of warm, vibrant sunlight which melted the snows. Spring arrived. Because the little bird was wonded beyond repair, Eostre changed it into a snow hare who then brought rainbow eggs. As a sign of spring, Eostre instructed the little girl to watch for the snow hare to come to the woods.
 So as you go forward and celebrate Ostara this weekend you may want to say a small prayer to this nearly forgotten Goddess of the Old World.

Blessed Be!

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