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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Listen - They Might Have Something To Offer

Tuesday, March 3, 2009
This is it. We are at the end of my series on Pagan Parenting tips. This thirteentha and final tip is simply "Listen to your kids. Give them boundaries but let them have input"

I will add to this by saying that I don't think kids should have that much input in the running of the household until they almost reach the point of being a teenager. I personally include my children on some of the major decisions in our household but it is not to let them have a vote but rather for them to see me as an example. I hope that I make the right choice but either way the kids will learn a lesson.

This age will depend on the child. But when they reach the age of physical maturity they are best suited to begin, in earnest, to take responsibility for their own actions and to take on some responsibility. Or at the very least to begin to learn how to do this.

I know there are some out there that read this blog that have older kids. I am interested in your input. Am I off base here? Totally wrong or totally right? Send me an email or comment below and let us all know.

Blessed Be!

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