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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Beltane Crown of Flowers

Thursday, April 7, 2011
This has long been a tradition for Beltane and it is a good idea to include this into your family traditions.
Some suggestions for flowers are daisies or dandelions. You can also choose wildflowers. Just be sure that they won't cause any allergic reactions for you or your kids.

Things You’ll Need:

* 25 flowers
* Knife (optional)

Step 1:
Gather 25 flowers, such as daises or dandelions. Make sure that the stems are about 4- to 5-inches long so they can be tied easily.

Step 2:
Make a slit in the stem about a 1/4-inch long through the middle of each flower stem. This should be 2 inches below the head of the flowers. Use your fingernail to do this or you can use a sharp knife.

Step 3:
Slip the end of another flower's stem through the slit you have made and pull it until you get to the head of the flower.

Step 4:
Do the same with the next flower, weaving the stem of another flower through the next slit. Keep going in this manner until you've made a chain of flowers.

Step 5:
Make sure the chain will fit your child before you finish it off by measuring it around her head.

Step 6:
Twist the ends of the chain together to form a ring. Stick each end through slits in the stems to secure it.

Step 7:
Place the crown of flowers around her head and watch proudly as she dances around her kingdom. courtesty of ehow.com

Blessed Be!

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